We are so confident about the soundness of ours projects, that we are ready to bet ours face with every client every time we got an engagement, precisely because we share the same identical needs of ours clients.
A sharing so keenly felt that it commit the whole ours organization to give its best, ALONGSIDE YOUR company.

Christos Jean De Leonardo

Ours roots

It’s in the eighties that we funded the roots of ours company, precisely in the moment when Christos Jean de Leonardo, brilliant window-dresser, started turning his main activity of visual merchandising into stands designing. The first quality breakthrough happened when, together with an associated developer, they founded the “Piramide srl”, company that step by step started a flourishing production of fair stands: a reality year after year establishing his strong market placement, until it became the ongoing Exhbit Srl UNIPERSONALE, competing today without a hitch with the best enterprises of the sector, outside the national frontiers as well.

Ours team

Ours organization

Ours corporate structure, beyond its efficiency concern, has always been characterised by a gradual but continuous and linear grow, with an inherent planification strategy of investment focused on personal updating, last generation equipment upgrading, and of course acquainting the offers and services far and wide. Therefore we have the possibility to open us to constantly new and stimulating different markets and product sectors, in a process of continuous improvement and refinement that has been connecting many loyal customers to ours company by years, through those steps:

incoming client request

namely the phase at which we shall gather all the necessary informations, acquire every single necessity of the client and translate it into an operational plan including lead time needed, budget and deadlines, with a particular care to avoid wasting of resources.

graphic and design

scilicet the generation of a project proposal delineations, realised both bidimensional and through Visual 3D, to facilitate the verification and visualization of what is going to be accomplished.

engineering projects

to reflect in a measurable and concrete way what was conceived in an esthetic-graphic virtual level. The engineering of the initial ideas is accomplished through the most modern engineering software, in order to obtain the best result and identify in first instance the most advisable set of construction materials.

production and installation

alias “action”. Here we enter into the heart of ours craft workshop, manufacturing and testing the product until approval has been acquired. Every product -from the little vehicles advertisement to the big fairy stands- has to progress through this crucial phase, that makes use of specialised equipment and highly qualified Italian craftsmanship, indispensable requisites to grant a product the required quality and effective installation. On this regard, the company has never ceased to conform to the most recent and restrictive legislations regulating the sector. Special attention is given to safety in the workplace, through a complete insurance covering both the employees and third parties, and grant a productivity capable to reduce at the minimum the risk of environmental impact as prescribed by the existing regulation, i.e. ISO 14001:2004.


the same: accomplishment of the service provided; logistic, by ours concern, regards both uploading and downloading of all materials, mounting/unmounting, catalogation, stocking on sequenced marked pallets, depositing of the equipment in ours storage room to assure a perfect state of preservation and reuse, national and international transport.